Welcome Avery! »

Welcome Avery!

Welcoming a new addition to my family, Avery! My wife was incredible throughout, labouring mostly at home. Born healthy at a whooping 10 pounds 3 ounces.

Hired at Automattic! »

It brings me great joy to share that I’ve been officially hired at Automattic in the WordPress.com VIP team! After being fortunate enough to spend 8 months as an intern/mentee, I went through the application processes and was taken on for full time employment! Working for Automattic has been an absolute life changer for me … continue reading »

Troubleshooting xdebug setup on VVV with VS Code »

Here’s some tips for troubleshooting xdebug on VVV while using VSCode and Felix Becker’s PHP Debug extension and BrianGilbert_‘s Xdebug Helper for Firefox add-on. Ensure xdebug is turned on within vvv You may check xdebug status by taking a peak at your servers http://vvv.test/phpinfo/ page. If not on, via https://github.com/Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV/wiki/Code-Debugging we can toggle it on … continue reading »


I love airbnb.ca. Every time I use the service I’m always surprised at how awesome of a concept it is, and how well their dev/graphics team executed it.

Pretty cool that within an hour or two we’ve booked up two cabin trips for the spring just like we had our own cottage.

“Not being stuck in one place really helps my productivity.”

Tim Brown #

Separating Work & Life »

This is something we know, we hear about, we’re reminded about, but we rarely do. After all, contrary to stereotype, we’re the hard working millennial who don’t know how to quit. One of the many parts of preventing chronic burn out is to properly separate work and life, with no exceptions. For me personally, I … continue reading »

💪 Just launched my new theme for this website for 2019! I’m really enjoying the larger textography, having a main blog feed instead of separating everything, and the increased minimalism compared to my last theme (code has been simplified and is hundreds of lines shorter, which is always nice). A few spots need some tweaks, so bare with any random errors you see, I’m on it!

Tabbing Through Links in FireFox »

I migrated from Chrome to Firefox in a support of Open Source software and because all other browsers have caught up to Chrome in terms of quality, performance, tools, and integrations. Nothing much has been different except by default you cannot tab through links on a webpage! I’m a huge proponent of using my mouse/trackpad … continue reading »