Apps, services, and hardware I use every day:


  • Editor: Atom setup as follows:
    • Theme: One Dark, sword-syntaxHacker font
    • Packages: atom-beautify, atom-ide-ui, atom-minify, atom-wordpress, atom-wpcodex, autocomplete-wordpress-hooks, busy-signal, caniuse, carbon-now-sh, cobalt2-syntax, color-picker, css-color-name, custom-title, dash, data-atom, docblockr, editor-stats, editorconfig, emmet, expand-selection-to-quotes, file-icons, firefox-syntax, gist, highlight-line, highlight-selected, html-to-css, ide-php, intentions, jquery-snippets, language-babel, language-generic-config, less-autocompile, linter, linter-csslint, linter-eslint, linter-htmlhint, linter-jshint, linter-just-say-no, linter-less, linter-markdown, linter-php, linter-phpcs, linter-sass-lint, linter-scss-lint, linter-ui-default, linter-write-good, lipsum, lorem, multi-cursor, pastel-dark-theme, php-cs-fixer, php-ide-serenata, pigments, platformio-ide-terminal, project-manager, remote-ftp, rest-client, sass-autocompile, styri-syntax, sword-light-syntax, sword-syntax, symbols-list, symbols-tree-view, todo-show, toggle-quotes, zentabs
  • Panic Coda for simple FTP uploading, or the odd cowboy-coding edit.
  • Alfred
    • All my code snippets, clipboard history
    • Workflows: Atom project launcher, Colors, Convert, Dash, gist, Github repos, Slackfred, StackOverflow, Things, tklipsum, WP Site List
  • Dash for offline code docs
  • Things for task management and quick notes
  • Notes I just use a folder of .md files in an Atom project
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop + Lightroom) for designing
  • SIP App for extracting colours
  • iCloud Drive for personal files and reading .md notes
  • Slack for work related discussions and assignments (almost no email these days)
  • Little Snitch for reducing and monitoring network
  • Parallels for Microsoft Edge testing, and an Ubuntu playground
  • and then just the normal macOS stock apps: Automator, Safari, KeyChain Access,  iTunes (with Apple Music subscription)
  • Localhost


  • Docked Retina MacBook Pro 15″ (Early 2013 2.7 / 16 / 256)