I love reading these. I’ll make my own.


  • Panic’s Coda 2 is my code editor of choice, I think the people there in Oregon are making great software and have made a great ecosystem with Panic Sync. It’s a great IDE for quickly working remote, easily tap into SVN, a MySQL GUI, reference books, and preview browser.
  • Slack for work related discussions and assignments, almost no email now
  • & are surprisingly my choice for personal management. I really tried so many different apps, and apreshiated them, but after Apple removed the skeuomorphic designs and added fonts to notes, with Siri and the entire Apple ecosystem, it seemed the easiest choice for workflow
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop + Lightroom) for designing
  • Google Drive for client files and shared resources


  • Docked Retina MacBook Pro 15″ (Early 2013 2.7 / 16 / 256)
  • 22” LG IPS Monitor (22mp67hq)
  • iPad 3 Retina mounted to monitor with a modified Twevlve South HoverBar a propriatry dashboard all day long, similar to Status Board (but better). Use Duet Display a few times a season when working on somthing large or complex and need the reference realestate
  • Kindle Paperwhite (3rd generation | Mid 2015) one of my most favourite peices of hardware. E-ink blows my mind every time I pick it up
  • HeadPhones Monster Inspiration Overear Noise Cancellation
  • Desktop Speaker Sony SRS-X33 I never intended for these to be my speakers, but it works and works well.


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