My old office was tiny (a 10×10 room shared with a deep freeze & storage) so I built a custom desk for it that was long and shallow about 8’ x 20”, and put that on a sit-to-stand frame. Worked for 5 years, but now that I’ve got a bigger space, it’s time to upgrade the desktop.

I’ve got some spare plywood, sandpaper, and white paint – lets see what I can do. 🪚

Just spent the last three hours removing a 4 person hot tub by myself, using a lot’a 2×4’s as levers, furniture dollies, ramps, and makeshift plywood roads over the grass. Freed up a whole bunch of space on our porch.

Really curious what the experience of building a WordPress site would be like now with full site editing. I’ve coded dozens and dozens of big and small PHP WordPress themes.. really thinking about redoing this site with blocks just to get a hands on idea of what’s involved building one out. 🤔

Our house had a built-in workbench in the basement that looked original (about 50 years old), and as we begin the demolition downstairs for a reno, I am thinking of how I can repurpose these drawers from it. I’m really in need of a tool chest in the garage.