The Case of the Missing L Hanger

About 6 years ago, I bought a curtain rod, it cost a couple bucks. It came with bracket/hook/hanger things to attach it to the wall. We used this rod for about a year, and then we moved and took it down with us. I never had a need for it, but I held onto it. I didn’t take the time to put the hangers in a baggy and tape it to the rod like I do with most loose parts of things – instead I just carefully kept them in my organizing tray of little parts. For years I kept careful track and inventory of these little hooks. Years.

I had a need for the curtain this week. Guess what I couldn’t find? The fucking left curtain rod hanger.

It’s okay though. This is what I trained for. I have the technology. No way was I going out to spend a couple bucks again. I made my own:

& they fit like a glove! To my surprise they even made a satisfying click sound going in, the perfect friction fit (which never happens, usually I need to prototype like twice).

Having all the hardware, material, and software to do this cost me about $2,000. This is like my tenth useful fix from this stack, so if you think about, these stupid little hangers cost me about $200, plus my time. But I saved a few bucks. 🙃

I uploaded design for hooks on Thingiverse.

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