Text The Days Calendar Events with Apple Shortcuts

My day is filled with adhoc and irregular meetings times that aren’t predictable. To coordinate my work life with my wife and family, I setup a Apple Shortcut automation that runs on it’s own every morning, grabbing my Google Calendar events for the day and texting/iMessage’ing the times. To accomplish this, I

Created the shortcut:

Then Setup an ‘Personal Automation’

To run at 8am, which runs the Shortcut

The ‘Do’ is simply the ‘Run Shortcut’ action, which points to the ‘Text Meetings’ Shortcut setup before.

The only caveat I have so far is it’s the start time only, not end time or duration. This isn’t a big problem as most meetings are around an hour anyways.

Picture: Kalamalka Lake, BC Canada, 2020-11

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