Margaret Falls, Tappen BC, Canada

Tabbing Through Links in FireFox

I migrated from Chrome to Firefox in a support of Open Source software and because all other browsers have caught up to Chrome in terms of quality, performance, tools, and integrations.

Nothing much has been different except by default you cannot tab through links on a webpage! I’m a huge proponent of using my mouse/trackpad as little as possible, so this was a deal breaker for me.

Luckily, there’s a hidden setting in Firefox, visit about:config in the address bar, right click to “Add New » Integer”, create a key of accessibility.tabfocus and set the value to 7.

You should now be able to tab through all your links, which saves so much time on Google and other straight forward sites.

While reviewing this, you can also adjust how the TAB key behaves in dialog boxes. Checkout System Preferences » Keyboard » Shortcuts » Full Keyboard Access.

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