pretty thrilled with this new site I've done for 2018. I've battled for years on how to present myself – and I think this layout and the simplicity of it, with it's focus on Projects and a CV, and personal stuff tucked away was the best approach.

"Projects" is big deal because I've no longered categorized or filtered what I do with "web design", "web app", "plugins", "logo design", tags. I've always hated that. What I do is projects, some years its more design, others its more code, some projects encompass all categories. This simple list of projects better defines my scope and current interests.

I've reduced the verbose blog section into more of an index., which is much more appropriate for the small number of visitors that come in to those posts from Google. Showing excerpts or the full post was unnecessary.

My "artwork" which I am proud of, but I do not do so much anymore, has been tucked away, which cleans up my portfolio "Projects", but still exists to those interested in browsing.

It's built on Gutenberg, which was lots of fun. Coded a few custom blocks for all the RECENT boxes. Also tapped into WP REST API which was similarly fun.

Really excited – 2018 has been a great year so far.

Eat. Sleep. Code.

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