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Blocked all news sites on my main machine. Installed Newify on my phone. Added all news sites into app.

What an awesome thing. No more unintentionally typing my favourite news sites into the address bar out of habbit. No more seeing annoying ads. Everything I want to read in a much cleaner, simipler and easier-to-read and organize format. I can never miss an article, and I can quickly dismiss the boring ones. Added bonus: subscribed to a Free Kindle Book blog that sends out posts of Free kindle books daily. Seriously, awesome.

I’m not one to care about Adobe’s non-stop spray of “new” products – however myportfolio.com does stand out to me as a pretty cool tool for creatives. Integrated into Behance  and your local Apps. A pretty neat solution. When I started designing years ago having a online portfolio was a huge deal, huge, so much so I started learning how to code so I could have my own, and eventually got good at it and became a web developer. Well now a days, tools like this, well it I wouldn’t of needed to code, they’re beautiful portfolio websites, ad free, social-network free,

When can’t get into the headspace of coding: Dupstep.

My oldest productivity trick.

🔩 If you’re dealing with a lot of rewrites, i.e.: moving servers and domains. Always include a reference to your redirect, at least during development. If you have htaccess rewrites on old and new server, header() redirects on PHP files, and so on, you’ll want to be able to trace your redirects easily.

⚒ 90% of my problems in life can be fixed with Gorilla Glue or duct tape- this must be the GoodLife.

🔮 I am constantly impressed by all the services and technology, coding languages and libraries out there. 

I could honestly spend my entire days just finding, trying, and researching all sorts of alternative markups, workflows, APIs, dev environments, frameworks, etc. It’s probably what I would do if I won the lottery.

Now it’s obviously not, but the number of digital nerd neat stuff out there feels infinite: there’s so much out there, so many solutions. I have to fight the urge a lot of the time to not get too carried away in the vast sea of new and interesting things. 

It’s important to keep up to date and familiarize ones self with relevant tech, but also important to master your trade and produce more than you consume. There’s a line- somewhere.

Example: Wanting to try the Mac Docker App out- even though my local LAMP stack is 100% perfectly fine and meets all my needs and expectations perfectly.

🏷 I’ve always thought WordPress “tags” where unnessisary – there’s already categories. For my site I’ve dubbed the categories up as hashtags, which despite my anti conformity and antisocial network: I like much better.


🎧 Audio balance for headphones change on macOS every few weeks, it’s driving me crazy. It plays battles on my mind until I realize whats causing the weird sound. If this is the result of a virus aimed at chipping away my sanity, it’s working.