🗜 Lots of website optimizers and auditors out there – really liking this one for it’s good design and ease on the eyes: https://www.365andup.com

🌊 Inbox flooded with Privacy Policy updates from every single service I’ve ever used. Ever. Thanks a lot GDPR.

Loving the backdrop-filter property. So many times I’ve needed this in the past. Can’t wait till its officially picked up. You future developers will have no idea how good you have it!

Turn your handwriting into a font: https://www.calligraphr.com/

Just in case you want to listen to radio from Brazil from 1910 today, here you go http://radiooooo.com

You know that book-hangover feeling, where you’re not sure what to read, or you’re just not willing to jump into a new book? Here’s a cool site that gives you some random excerpts, really interesting: http://www.recommendmeabook.com

For when you need that coffee shop, or thunder storm feeling, without the coffee shop or thunderstorm: https://asoftmurmur.com

👨🏼‍💻 A cool way to quickly beautify short compressed lines of CSS. In Atom: highlight the semicolon character, repeat cmd+d to highlight proceeding instances, , enter

The amount of patience required while doing a fin…

The amount of patience required while doing a find+replace on a 750mb text file is ridiculous.

Just discover sed, what a sanity saver:

LC_CTYPE=C && LANG=C && sed -i -e 's|oldstring|newstring|g' export.sql

Takes all of 30 seconds instead of crashing apps. Much better.

Blows my mind. I can’t believe how fast I could read http://spritzinc.com why isn’t this everything and everywhere.

👨🏼‍💻 My nice little deploy.php script to receive a GitHub push web hook and pull the master branch in.

Such a nice little tool for online signatures, so clean and simple: https://www.hellosign.com