🎰 Multiple PHP version on macOS was super easy with this great tutorial getgrav.org/blog/macos-sierra-apache-multiple-php-versions

🎨 WordPress Get Primary Admin Colour From Scheme. Ridiculously lengthy imho.

Great tips to to organize Apple’s Notes App: I’ve wrote before about how I opted to use Notes.app instead of superior Evernote or Microsoft One Note. I did so because the Notes.app is the cleanest and easiest for the Apple eco system, offering native support and reliance, keeping everything together under the iCloud umbrella. Don’t … continue reading »

🐍 Was mystified by the “Purgeable” storage: These are real files, but Apple considers them expendable. They can be deleted immediately, without warning, in order to free up disk space, because they can always be downloaded again later. via https://sixcolors.com/post/2016/10/purgeable-storage-sierra/ Now it makes sense. Very interesting in this every-cloud’ing digital world we’re in.

📸 If you’re not using progressive JPGs for full-screen images, you’re doing something wrong.. The load experience (on slow connections) is significantly less awful.

When can’t get into the headspace of coding: Dupstep. My oldest productivity trick.

⭐️ Pro tip of the day: on your server(s) make sure to have a _playground.php or similarily named file in the main directory – quickly jump to the empty space where you can isolate and troubleshoot code snippets outside of your project. It’s a great resource to have and is a great tool to have on the ready … continue reading »

Home Made Pizza Recipe »

Home Made Pizza Recipe

🍕 My famous pizza dough recipe. Anyone who knows me knows I‘m legend for my home made pizza. If you’re over for dinner you best know you’re getting pizza. This recipe originally comes from my brother, but includes my tweaks from over 4 years of Pizza Friday’s. Makes a 16″ pie: 1 CUP warm water 1 … continue reading »

Always get a shopping cart, even if you think you’re just picking up a few things. Always.