🐭 took about one week, but I’m finally used to using the Apple Magic TrackPad 2.

🔇 Noise cancelling headphones must of been invented by a parent.

🤔 I need to think about something – right now in CAD I pay:

  • $14.99/month Apple Music (family)
  • $12.99/month Netflix (family – 4x screens)

That’s $335.76/year. Almost a $0.92/day a day for media consumption.

Amazon Prime:

  • Prime Music (4x devices)
  • Prime Video (2x devices)
  • Free shipping (on the hundreds I do spend on Amazon)

is $79.00/year, or $0.22/day.

Why aren’t I an Amazon Prime guy yet?


I’ve just started developing a site using WPRig.io, it’s pretty neat – and it’s really a terrific starter theme that allows modern tooling. It saves a lot of the time with small annoying tasks that typically come with starter-theme development.

The Good:

  • easy browser sync
  • progressive and conditional CSS loading
  • auto compile, auto image compress
  • drag-n-drop in template files (ie: site needs comments.php, just include ins
  • built in support for cssnext

The Bad

  • There should be a less repetitive way to combine preloading wprig_add_body_style(), registering, and printing stylesheets. Currently you need to add a stylesheet in three different locations to load it properly
  • Version numbers for register/enqueue are hard coded, and repeated – should be put into a constant so dev’s can hard refresh their visitors resources if needed

The Ugly

  • lacks BEM naming

I’ve just started using it, so perhaps I’m being to quick to criticize, so take that with a grain of salt. I will probably submit a pull request for the things I find to help the project grow.

So, if everything continues goes well, I’m considering condensing my starter theme into components for wp-rig’s /dev/pluggable/ folder, and re-creating my personal starter theme with this logic. These will basically serve as helper functions that I expect and need.

👨🏼‍💻 Fast key repeat settings & disabling smart quotes, I’ll file this under: things I wish I had done 10 years ago.


💆 We’ve all been there, you’re developing a site and you need some random happy faces, well here’s a site full of happy cc0 faces https://uifaces.co

Loving the backdrop-filter property. So many times I’ve needed this in the past. Can’t wait till its officially picked up. You future developers will have no idea how good you have it!

You know that book-hangover feeling, where you’re not sure what to read, or you’re just not willing to jump into a new book? Here’s a cool site that gives you some random excerpts, really interesting: http://www.recommendmeabook.com