not sure if is super incredibly smart, or just anti-conformity boat rocking. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done an absolutely beautiful job with their stack, setup, and logic on everything.. They’re two-factor app logic to WordPress, sounds like people very very intelligent found a solution to a problem. & I’ve read all the whys and hows for all tools.. But I’m not sold – may be it’s just an advance programming setup, that in my mind and abilities I lack the concepts of, but as a WordPress theme developer, I can’t see any reason underscores with browsersync and an IDE or server that handles LESCSS, and controlled with github wouldn’t be just as good.. Theme image optimizing surprises me as a selling feature, I mean – who even uses images in themes anymore? svgs and font icons and gradients – everything else is WordPress Media controlled.

Still will give it a shot, but not sure this is a good use of time.

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