🤞🏻 My hope for Gutenberg is huge. WordPress lacks the page builder experience, leaving third party plugins to fill the void. These third party plugins aren’t built by a community of WordPress developers, they’re built by directed companies – companies seeking profit, and under the push of their customer support requests. These plugins lean towards easier interfaces that match their brand, more this and more that. & as every developer knows, that means more libraries, more icon sets, more external resources. Albeit an enjoyable user experience, but so much added ontop of WordPress.

For example, the number of scripts that DIVI builder includes is understandably needed, but too much, it always makes me cringe when looking at the source code. Only some of it is compressed as well, bloating the sites and lowering rendering scores.

Gutenberg, driven by developers instead of customers – developers who care about the footprint, I believe will be more efficient, using existing libraries instead of including new, using dashicons instead of custom, and so on (React exempt, but who cares, that’s the backend of the site). I’m betting the result will be a page builder thats easy to use with enough this and more that in the backend, but still doesn’t bloat the front end.

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