I used to like Apple, but I don’t think I do anymore. I think they’re scaling back quality, and constantly jeopardizing usability for localized/departmentalized ideas.

This dawned on me – like an epiphany – when I realized the newest/best iPhone 7, and the newest/best MacBook Pro, can’t use the same (wired) headphones, without an adaptor/dongle. That’s insane. I understand growth and moving to new technology, but Apples two flagship, top of the line, products cant even share the same tech. That’s asinine.

I’m a music guy: I can’t work/live/function without it. My headphones are an important part of my day, and I switch them between iPhone and MacBook Pro frequently in a normal week. Now, if I purchased both, I’d have to carry a $20 easy-to-loose adapter to use the same (wired) headphones.

If your headphones are

  • 3.5mm: you’d need 3.5 -> lightening adaptor
  • lightening: you’d need lightening -> usbc/tb3 or 3.5 adaptor
  • usb/tb3: you’d need usb/tb3 -> lightening adaptor

I know they’re pushing away wires, and during this transition making a killing off of adaptors, but wireless headphones are pricy, require annoying charging, and suck unless you buy top tier.

I just can’t believe such a simple user requirement like using your (wired) headphones is being impeded.

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