Kindle Screensaver Suggestions

Kindle Screensaver Suggestions

I love my Kindle PW 3 (FW:, but I hate the screensaver, it’s like Motel art. Thrift store art. It’s terrible and only belongs on napkins at the dollar store. I would Jailbreak it, but the current FW version has made it pretty much impossible without soldering things.

So what’s left to do? I can continue just placing it face-down on my nightstand, or, come up with a concept design and try to get someone at Amazon to read it!

I understand the non-native support for managing screensaver locally: say if a folder /screensavers/ was accessible via USB; users would be uploading bad resolutions, huge raw 12mb files, etc. and the cropping and grayscaling would be unpredictable and unsatisfactory. Any local image editor, would not likely work given the Kindles graphic processing. So, that’d be a nightmare, hundreds of support calls. It’d be far worse if the Kindles Browser had to be used for screensavers; even more problems.

However, Amazon has an eco system already in place to manage more advance things like this: – Account – Manage Your Content and Devices . Here is my concept on how easy it could be to manage custom screensavers (for users who’ve spent the $20 to opt out of the Ads):

Kindle Custom Screen Savers

Pretty simple implementation, using no technology that’s not readily available. Set screensaver pushed to the Kindle just like a device name-change or a new book purchased via a computer!

Users would upload normal coloured images, of whatever resolution, then an HTML5/JS image editor would auto black-and-whites, and crops for the proper aspect ratio. Taking things a step further, since converting to grayscale is never what one expects: make things a bit more customizable with brightness and contrast controls. This would be okay for novice users to understand (as it’s all the same steps Instagram uses, or Facebook profile pictures).

Important: THIS IS A CONCEPT. Not actually a tutorial. I know you’re desperate for this to be real: so am I.


  1. It would be awesome ! πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait for Amazon to implement a solution to change the screensaver

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