Great tips to to organize Apple’s Notes App:

I’ve wrote before about how I opted to use Notes.app instead of superior Evernote or Microsoft One Note. I did so because the Notes.app is the cleanest and easiest for the Apple eco system, offering native support and reliance, keeping everything together under the iCloud umbrella.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Evernote is better. They’re a team of x people focusing on improving and inovating on one product. However, I do aim to keep things simple and native, so I’ve learned made Notes work for me.

One of the better ideas I did was create a custom indicator icon (about 256x) for each note. Using flaticon.com and photoshop it only took half an hour for the three dozen or so Notes I keep and maintain. Each note got the icon placed at the bottom of the note, above any other images or attachments. I also started each note with a single character line of ~ under the title, sort of like an underline. This reduced the useless excerpted text that clogged the UI.

No longer are my note titles lost in a sea of bland and crowded lines. I can easily jump to a note with upmost speed, looking for color and shapes. Hardcore Apple Note.app takers and referencers (like myself) will understand the significance of this.

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