💪 Just launched my new theme for this website for 2019! I’m really enjoying the larger textography, having a main blog feed instead of separating everything, and the increased minimalism compared to my last theme (code has been simplified and is hundreds of lines shorter, which is always nice). A few spots need some tweaks, so bare with any random errors you see, I’m on it!

20181206 Status Update

🐭 took about one week, but I’m finally used to using the Apple Magic TrackPad 2.

🔇 Noise cancelling headphones must of been invented by a parent.

I need to think about something – right now in CAD I pay:

  • $14.99/month Apple Music (family)
  • $12.99/month Netflix (family – 4x screens)

That’s $335.76/year. Almost a $0.92/day a day for media consumption.

Amazon Prime:

  • Prime Music (4x devices)
  • Prime Video (2x devices)
  • Free shipping (on the hundreds I do spend on Amazon)

is $79.00/year, or $0.22/day.

Why aren’t I an Amazon Prime guy yet?

20180629 Status Update

I’ve just started developing a site using WPRig.io, it’s pretty neat – and it’s really a terrific starter theme that allows modern tooling. It saves a lot of the time with small annoying tasks that typically come with starter-theme development.

The Good:

  • easy browser sync
  • progressive and conditional CSS loading
  • auto compile, auto image compress
  • drag-n-drop in template files (ie: site needs comments.php, just include ins
  • built in support for cssnext

The Bad

  • There should be a less repetitive way to combine preloading wprig_add_body_style(), registering, and printing stylesheets. Currently you need to add a stylesheet in three different locations to load it properly
  • Version numbers for register/enqueue are hard coded, and repeated – should be put into a constant so dev’s can hard refresh their visitors resources if needed

The Ugly

  • lacks BEM naming

I’ve just started using it, so perhaps I’m being to quick to criticize, so take that with a grain of salt. I will probably submit a pull request for the things I find to help the project grow.

So, if everything continues goes well, I’m considering condensing my starter theme into components for wp-rig’s /dev/pluggable/ folder, and re-creating my personal starter theme with this logic. These will basically serve as helper functions that I expect and need.

👨🏼‍💻 Fast key repeat settings & disabling smart quotes, I’ll file this under: things I wish I had done 10 years ago.

20180522 Status Update

💆 We’ve all been there, you’re developing a site and you need some random happy faces, well here’s a site full of happy cc0 faces https://uifaces.co