😫 The agony!


manage_{$post_type}_posts_custom_columnΒ πŸ™„ Never remember this one, every. Can’t even take a shot in the dark at it. You’re going on my text expander, you complicatedly named filter you.

// phpcs: ignore
//Β phpcs: really it's fine man
//Β phpcs: common, give me a break here
// phpcs: look, we need to talk

πŸŒ— In the spirit of mac OS Movaje on the way, I made a Dark Mode version for this site! Why not!

πŸ€–Β Tabify, beautify. Repeat.

πŸ€”Β I need to think about something – right now in CAD I pay:

  • $14.99/month Apple Music (family)
  • $12.99/month Netflix (family – 4x screens)

That’s $335.76/year. Almost a $0.92/day a day for media consumption.

Amazon Prime:

  • Prime Music (4x devices)
  • Prime Video (2x devices)
  • Free shipping (on the hundreds I do spend on Amazon)

is $79.00/year, or $0.22/day.

Why aren’t I an Amazon Prime guy yet?

πŸ“ I fear custom designs that use Gutenberg as a page builder will have blocks riddled with fragile class names for reusable fine tuning. Things like padding-top--100

πŸ—ΊοΈ After being a loyal Safari user for the last decade, I’m moving to Chrome for one and only one reason: I can keyboard navigate tabs with opt + shift + ←→ just like Atom, Hyper, and every other good piece of software.

πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Now that all of that is sorted out and setup, and as the summer winds down, I think I’ll be rededicating my side-energy-efforts into Sword Insights. The plugin with so much potential.

⚑ Two days without internet (technician for neighbour messed up our wires), was still able to work (and distraction-free too boot!). Extremely grateful forΒ https://kapeli.com/dash, my localΒ https://brew.sh setup, and having the foresight to prepare for offline situations (even though this was the first time I’ve been internet-less in half a decade).

πŸ˜‚ shame.css