StarCraft 2 Ladder Rank on Panic Status Board

StarCraft 2 Ladder Rank on Panic Status Board

UPDATE: This has not been updated to post 3.4.0 new ladder logic and not updated for my new server.

In my humble opinion, Panic’s Status Board 2 is the best app for the iPad. It’s DIY system allows me to write small widgets (“panels”) of data, and display it in an elegant and well organized way. I use it all day, every day – I can‘t work without it. I’ve made it handle the majority of my notifications, and I‘m able to keep an eye on all the important things in my digital life with a glance: server status’, project states, calendar events, Slack activity feed, weather, my finances, and now – most importantly – my rank in the StarCraft 2 ladder.

About two years ago, in my StarCraft 2 heyday, I wrote a similar script for Geektools to display SC2 ranking on your desktop – but I never continued development on it. I had used a third party API, which broke – and the setup required a fair bit of coding and know-how on the users end.. overall, it just wasn’t a good way of doing things, and stayed in Alpha. A few months later I stopped playing StarCraft all together and lost interest on continue the script. Had to life for a few years.

With my recently renewed interest in StarCraft 2 and the release of Legacy of the Void, I decided to revive the project. This time around, I’ve coded it with API directly, and used a much better medium to display it: Status Board. Together this makes it easy to use and setup, and looks much better.

The panel automatically displays a backdrop of your primary race, your username, swarm score, league rank position, win/loss, and win ratio after a simple login to No editing files or trying to find your user ID. 3 or 4 clicks with 1 login; you’re ready to go.

Panic will refresh the SC2 panel per its normal panel refresh rate. Each refresh for the SC2 Panel will takes a second or two as it has to first go to, verify that you‘re logged in and that you’ve approved the Application, then return with authorization and display your data. You can disallow the application from accessing your account by going to

How To Get

  • Open Status Board, edit current board, create a DIY panel (bottom right)
  • Paste the following in the URL field, save changes to board (top left).
  • Click the “click here” link in the new panel, log into & approve the access

That’s it!

Road Map:

Please note this is an alpha project. There’s room for improvement and refinement. Please let me know of any bugs or issues you have.

  • Beta test
  • Smoother refresh process, store output in session so it doesn’t momentarily disappear
  • Different Layouts
  • Include Avatar
  • Port for different mediums
  • Post on Github for open source / contribution

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