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WordPress plugin – score a current setup/installation based on a variety of tests.

Sword Insights

⚠️ Archived! – This ambitious project unfortunately requires more time than I could possibly ever have! I am focusing on my career and my family so this project will be on hold for the foreseeable future. Leaving on Github incase anyone wants to fork it.

Sword Insights, is a currently-in-development, WordPress plugin that scores a setup/installation based on a series of tests. The score is displayed and results managed in a gorgeous panel in the admin dashboard.

This is a ranking system helps website owners and developers better identify how to make their site solid, and where improvements can be made.

The scans tests run a wide range of tests for many different areas:

  • Quality
    • Tests like Google PageSpeed Test for over-all standards on speed, then HTML checks for the site being responsive, including tracking/monitoring, etc.
    • More tests run for sometimes forgotten or neglected things like robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and more
  • Stability
    • Tests to ensure the software on the server, and the plugins and themes in WordPress are all up to date
  • Bloat
    • Tests to de-clutter typical WordPress installs, first checking for features being used, then removing if no found – like WP’s emoji, comments, author pages, and more
  • Security
    • Tests run to ensure the WordPress installation is hardened, and then some – extra things like hiding login errors, ensuring certain PHP functions are turned off, 
  • Performance
    • Tests are run to ensure scripts are deferred, debug is off, etc.

The test results are shown with detailed explanations of the issues at hand. Pro users get the solution to the problems as well, in text form, and in some cases one-click fixes.

Pro users also receive the following features

  • Automated scans at any interval
  • Ability to mute certain tests that may not apply to a site
  • The ability to change the weight of tests
  • Receive email notifications if score is low
  • Website uptime monitoring

The plugin is currently being developed at

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