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WordPress theme – a tailored starter theme for Google PageSpeed, Gutenberg, and more.

Sword Base

⚠️ Archived! – themes like, Mythic, and wd_s are far superior and have a much bigger audience and team supporting them. I will be spending my time contributing to any of these projects instead of taking a stab at my own.

It’s not as broad and robust as underscores, & it’s not more intelligent or modern than Sage – however, it’s a solid starter theme thats custom tailored for the type, style, and quality of custom themes I build.

This is a blank-canvas WordPress starter theme (not a framework, not a parent – a starter theme) that focus’s heavily on optimized code for marketing, includes third party protocols to meet todays interconnected-requirements. This theme is my starting point for my custom websites. Over the last 6 years I’ve developed this theme with over 35 pre-written code-level features/add-ons, most of which are customizable for each project.

The goal and mission of this theme is to:

  • Be ready out-of-the-gate, with a modern responsive vanilla layout that’s easy to change
  • Save time by having always-used features like responsive navigation and multi-media hero’s pre-coded
  • Include lots of resources that help create the theme without needing a lot of small third party plugins
  • Code clean and efficient for high Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix/YSlow scores
  • Be prepared for Gutenberg and DIVI Page Builder
  • Strong presence of third party protocols

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