Albert Dashboard

This project is incomplete, a work in progress.

A NodeJS Express app alternative to the now deprecated Panic Statusboard.

This app features stock widgets that can be configured within a config file in the app, as well as BYOD (bring your own data) widgets that require external data in the form of JSON blobs. Widgets refresh at custom intervals, keeping everything relevant.

App can stay open on a second monitor all day using Geektools, this shows the web page without browser menus etc. This makes the app appear to be a wallpaper, allowing you still use the second monitor as a workspace when needed. Because of the high contrast, this could be used as a custom magic mirror.

Stock Widgets:

  • Analog looking Clock
  • Time zones list
  • Calendar days
  • Weather (via the now restricted DarkSky API)


  • Table
  • Big Numbers
  • Custom HTML
  • Calendar Heat Map
  • Graphs


This project has been archived. It is no longer maintained.

A custom splash page challenge that I took to the next level.

A company I interviewed with had a code challenge for part of their application process. The task was to design and code a landing page using a handful of vector resources and some lorem ipsum details provided.

I went above and beyond and created this awesome parallax site, complete with changing colour sky. This project was a ton of fun!

View site: