Privacy Policy

If you try to login or comment on this site, your UA and IP are probably looked at for spam. There’s probably tracking w/ andor, please see their sites for their policies.

If you try to login or comment on this site, your comment, IP, and UA are saved in plain text on Pressable servers – check out their privacy policy for more details on the storage. When commenting, your email is hashed via md5 and sent to Gravatar to see if you have a profile image there.

In addition to using strong passwords, I use 2x Auth for my personal account here, but hackers gonna hack. 🤷‍♂️

I don’t use or sell any of your data, this is a personal non-commercial website to showcase my work, random ideas and thoughts, and to share knowledge. Nothing fishy going on here (but that’s what someone would say if they were doing something fishy, wouldn’t they).

Visiting this site you get whatever cookies are needed for functionality. Every site uses cookies, common law makers- how are these pop ups on every single site helping anyone?

Email me for any data delete requests.

Good talk.