Privacy Policy

I don’t like policies that are hard to read. So as simple as possible:

When using this site:

  • your IP, browser info, geo location, and more is stored and processed by third party services
  • cookies are used if you’re logged in or have made a comment
  • any comment submitted stores the IP and is saved and backed up
  • if you want something deleted, just ask and I’ll delete
  • if you make a comment on the site, that content will be on various servers. It can be taken down, but always be aware of what you’re posting.

This is where info is and how it’s being used:

  • This site and the database for it are hosted on Pressable. The account is password protected.
  • Site is backed up on AWS S3. The bucket is not publicly accessable and the account is password protected by 2x auth.
  • Page views, referals, frequency of visits, ect, are tracked by Google Analytics and Jetpack. I use this info for my own curiosity and for internal marketing. This data is not used anywhere else. To access any of the data, 2x auth logins are required.
  • Comments are stored on Pressable in plain text. This is included in the backup on AWS S3.
  • When using third party services for auth for comments, they’ll likely collect info about my site and you using.

I personally don’t do anything with the data thats collected. The third party services do whatever they do with it.

Data removal requests:

  • You ask and you sha’ll receive. I’ll delete the comment, data, ect. Email me to request.