Prevent iCloud from Syncing /node_modules/ Folder

Update: This was too hard to maintain, and things “got weird” sometimes. I’ve moved to Dropbox instead, very happy.

I have my localhost server on iCloud. Cloud syncing, in my opinion, is the most reliable way to ensure what you’re working on is backedup to the second.

However, 18,000+ file folders like /node_modules/ is just ridiculous to have syncing. I have nothing to prove this, but I’m certain having one or more folders like this would at some point negatively effect syncing and/or indexing.

So, as far as I’ve found the best way to prevent folders like /node_modules/ from syncing is appending .nosync to the end, then symbolically linking to.

This gives you a nice little “Ineligible” tag on your huge folder, and your symbolic link sits there.

To setup, in your project folder, just run

npm install
mv node_modules node_modules.nosync
ln -s node_modules.nosync/ node_modules


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