Increase WordPress Memory Limit »

Nothings worse then getting an email about someone being unable to upload a 6mb .PDF because it “exceeds the upload file size limit” Here’s the fix – but important note: raising postmaxsize increases the possibility of DoS attacks on your server: In functions.php add: If that doesn’t work, it could be a apache restriction, in .htaccess … continue reading »

Responsive Height, Maintain Ratio »

Say you have an element #banner with a background-image. On a responsive design that’s width:100%; you’ll notice your image will be auto croped by the viewport change. The solution is simple: background-size: cover; but a pain that follows is the height of the element will not scale down or up with the width change, leaving … continue reading »

Loading GravityForms Outside of WordPress »

I had a WordPress installation in /blog/, but I needed a WordPress’s GravityForm to render /contact.php an external non-WordPress php page. I could of coded a form myself, but there are so many advantages to using GravityForms. in contact.php in a perfect world, the following would work: but it doesn’t — upon submission the page reloads with … continue reading »

date_default_timezone_set() Not Working »

This is a silly amateur hour error that I’m positive lots of people miss. datedefaulttimezone_set() needs to be called within functions, it isn’t a global function. The script below will demonstrate the how datedefaulttimezone_set() affects date() (and time()). Will output: // Eastern // Server‘s Time // Central // Eastern

WordPress Simple Cronjobs »

WordPress makes it super simple to run cronjobs.. To add one, just place the following code in your functions.php file and change the function/action prefix’s to your relevant plugin name/functions. A little break down for those unfamiliar: the first action runs mypluginschedulecron() on each load. If your cronjob (myplugincronjob) is not registered, it‘s scheduled into … continue reading »

☕️ PC coffee Maker Annoying Beeping. This isn’t related to this website, this is purely something I’m posting for the good of mankind: I bought a PC coffee maker, it was more expensive then it should of been, but it looked good in my new kitchen and I knew it would pay for itself eventually. … continue reading »