Object Buffering Not Working Flush »

One of my servers handled object buffering fine, the other wouldn’t partake. After hours of searching, and changing php settings, deep in a thread I found a solution for stubborn servers. If the following simple script doesn’t work out the gate: Try this instead, from a gentleman named Roger in Stackoverflow : A nasty work … continue reading »

WordPress Troubleshooting 101 »

I’m a semi-regular contributor on WordPress Support Forums. & as you develop and assist more, you realize that theres a basic troubleshooting routine to solve almost all vague/inexplicable problems – you typically do the same things. These problems include; /wp-admin/ not loading Unable to drag and drop in dashboard White screen instead of site Unable … continue reading »

Add or Remove WWW in WordPress »

www is technically a sub-domain – but it usually shares the same /httpdocs/ or /public_html/ or /www/ folder on hosts as non-www, it also is configurable in many different places and varies from host-to-host, so it gets confusing at times. As such, this question comes up daily on the WordPress Support Forums and being that … continue reading »

Much More Modern & Micro Mobile Menu »

Watch carefully – at department stores, restaurants, arenas, on the bus – you’ll notice something. Something alarming. Every single freaking person is on a smart phone. Yes, everyone. Jess got a text from her Grandma yesterday. Her Grandma! If your website isn’t responsive, easy, and quick to use on a mobile phone that all of … continue reading »

Clean Revisions »

Database getting a little fat? Burn that extra lagging fat instantly by clearing out old revisions via MySQL If you don’t have access to phpMyAdmin or can’t get into ssh mysql, throw it in your functions.php file If you want to disable revisions altogether, add the following to wp-config.php

Get TOP Status’s into PHP/HTML »

I used the following below to create a widget in Panic’s Status Board. SSH Setup To start, we’ll need to configure top to show more than one core. To setup top to reveal all CPU’s by default, login w/ ssh to your server and run the following: 1 reveals all cores. shift+W saves the current … continue reading »

Clean wp_head() output »

I’ve never liked the wp_head() output – WordPress’s default output is great for blogs and accessibility but if you’re a developer whose source-code is basically your resume, you don’t want irrelevant and un-indented code leaving skid marks behind the scenes.

Throwing this in functions.php will remove most of it.