👨🏼‍💻 Fast key repeat settings & disabling smart quotes, I’ll file this under: things I wish I had done 10 years ago.


💆 We’ve all been there, you’re developing a site and you need some random happy faces, well here’s a site full of happy cc0 faces https://uifaces.co

Loving the backdrop-filter property. So many times I’ve needed this in the past. Can’t wait till its officially picked up. You future developers will have no idea how good you have it!

You know that book-hangover feeling, where you’re not sure what to read, or you’re just not willing to jump into a new book? Here’s a cool site that gives you some random excerpts, really interesting: http://www.recommendmeabook.com


The amount of patience required while doing a find+replace on a 750mb text file is ridiculous.

Just discover sed, what a sanity saver:

LC_CTYPE=C && LANG=C && sed -i -e 's|oldstring|newstring|g' export.sql

Takes all of 30 seconds instead of crashing apps. Much better.

👨🏼‍💻 My nice little deploy.php script to receive a GitHub push web hook and pull the master branch in.