Miniature Drum Solo

Miniature Drum Solo

Task was to create a 1/8 scale “thing” that a 1/8 scale stick figure could use. Many classmates choose to make benches – I got a little more intricate:

How To Make A Responsive Site

Every since the tablet boom in the last two or so years, responsive design is the only way to make sites.

As an owner of a tablet and heavy web user, it makes a world of difference on my impression of a site (and thus a company/organization) when you visit a site that’s responsive. It’s butt hurt going to (a) a full size site where you have to awkwardly zoom-in, wait for 9000 things to load, and awkwardly scroll down in a straight line with the article. Worse than loading an unresponsive full size site on a tablet is a site detecting the large iPad to be a “mobile” device, thus redirecting you to a plain-text-2005-mobile site with images no bigger than your pinky finger nail, and no visual interest at all, and no care into textography for large-mobile devices.

Responsive design is easy, and for reference here’s the framework for detecting the screen size:

I found using CSS was enough, but sometimes loading bigger images and extra things is a pain, so you can use some basic Javascript to detect the size and change things up.

To make sure the viewport is the width of the device, HTML meta tag is used:

On a foot note, to further enhance the responsive experience, optimizing the site for the visitors screen-size, I use tools like LazyLoad to ensure the site loads speedy on slower 3/4G connections, Swipey for scrolling horizontal images, and Off-canvas-navigation easy app-like navigation.

Written About on

Written About on

I was really shocked looking at my site analytics to find that a Russian blogger on had done a write up about my work and sent a ton of traffic to my site! It’s not in English, and they got my name and country wrong – but it’s still really flattering.

The above image was the featured image. It again was an illustration just for fun. It’s like Where’s Waldo but with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you look long enough you’ll see.

Here’s a screenshot of the translation. & some interesting quotes from the webpage:

[David] Sword will leave no one indifferent.

All this was going: to the movies – special effects in photos – collages. I liked all the work, it is evident that the artist spent a lot of time to create them. They carry either positive as carefree girls, or a warning in the form of bombs, syplyuschihsya the city. In all of this makes sense.

The works, which show light-hearted girl, really nice! Evoke only positive emotions.


Fandango Metamortal

Fandango Metamortal

Huge moment at Metamortal @ Fandango Farms. Halloween 2010. Several shots put together / best parts amplified to convey what everyone saw (that couldn’t be captured on cameras).

Written About on Trendhunter

Written About on Trendhunter

This is pretty cool, I’ve been written about on a graphics blog called trend hunter. Screenshot.

The above picture “HillSide” was from 2010, with model Natalie.

If you squint hard enough to see through the dozens of ads, social links, you can see some of my work.

Here’s what they had to say:

Once in a while you may come across an art form that is fresh and unique, invades your senses and evokes emotion. Such are the captivating collages created by artist David Sword, who blends bold images with breathtaking beauty.

David Sword’s work is alluring to say the least. His modern and surreal approach to the traditional form of collage may leave the observer wanting more. Feel free to browse through this gallery which features some of David Sword’s captivating collages.

I find this funny.

PC Coffee Maker – Annoying Beeping

This isn’t related to this website, this is purely something I’m posting for the good of mankind.

I bought a PC coffee maker, it was more expensive then it should of been, but it looked good in my new kitchen and I knew it would pay for itself eventually.

Worked fine, did the job for months – then about 8 months in, after the brew cycle (4-5minutes) the most annoying, loud beeping would occur. It was as if the danm machine was whining for attention.

Turns out it was, in the manual that I obviously threw out because who keeps stuff like that, it mentions a cleaning reminder setting, that beeps until you hold down the “Auto” button for three seconds to acknowledge “yes I’ve cleaned you”. From the Manual

Your coffee maker is equipped with a cleaning reminder alarm. When your coffee maker has been used 200 times, it will beep to remind you to clean it. To turn off the beeping simply press the AUTO button for 3 seconds. The sound will stop and the coffee makers internal counter will reset to zero,

Kudos to the makers for installing a feature to prevent people from getting sick or keep the coffee at it’s best – but shame on you for not writting it on the machine itself and expecting everyone to keep the box+manual.

First Illustration

First Illustration

After a few months in Photoshop I created my very first illustration worth writing home about. Circa – all the way back in – 2010.