I’m a father & a husband, I love to build, fix, and create things. I’m currently living in a beautiful small town in BC Canada.

I’m driven by a constant need to create – wether it be around the house, or coding – for a living, or just for fun. For over 12 years I’ve been building things on the computer, from making event posters, to putting together dashboard web applications – and building every possible type and size of WordPress site you can imagine. It’s my passion, my career, and my hobby.

I’m a software/tech enthusiast, I always get excited aboutΒ new services, Apps, and tools (you can checkout which software and hardware I use here). I’m constantly interested, and always learning, always keeping up with the new services and libraries put out there.

When not working, I’m almost always hanging out with my wife and our daughter. We enjoy doing all the fun stuff like cooking, going for hikes, venturing to our favourite spots in nearby towns, and of course Netflix.

Before I got really into coding and websites, I used to spend my free time making graphics and illustrations and doing photography. I don’t do it anymore besides the odd Christmas card or invitations, but just for the sake of getting to know me and my abilities, here’s most of my past design work:

If you want to connect you can email me directly at david@davidsword.ca. I don’t do social media, but I do have a updates page where I write random short tidbits of my day. I’m active onΒ Github, gists, and onΒ WordPress Development Stack Exchange.

Thanks for stopping by!