Hello. My name is David Sword. I’m a father, a husband, & a Web Development Consultant at WordPress VIP.

14 years ago I started spending a lot of my time on the computer, I designed all sorts of illustrations and posters. As I grew a portfolio I wanted a website to show off what I’ve done so I learned the basics of building a site. I needed more from my site, so I taught myself PHP/MySQL and ended up creating my own mini CMS. Instead of getting a normal job, I began freelancing my CMS and living off of that. A year later, I found WordPress and it was love at first sight, and switched to building with it.

For years I continued freelancing custom WordPress design and development work. I then also joined a local startup digital marketing agency roimediaworks.com full time for more stability. I was in charge of buildings their sites and administering the servers for over 8 years. In that time I built every possible type and size of WordPress site, from start to finish, and created all the systems for their management and maintenance.

In 2018 an opportunity presented itself, and after interning for 8 months, I joined Automattic as a Software Engineer, in the Enterprise Developer squad of WordPress.com VIP. I love the type of helpful work we do there and am proud to be part of the dedicated hard working team. It’s my dream job, I enjoy it so much, and I am so grateful to be onboard.

Throughout my career my scope of work has always been full stack – encompassing every aspect of building a website from wire frame to domain propagation and all the server admin and support work thereafter. After years of building, managing, and supporting hundreds of sites and clients, my current focus is on consultation for WordPress development, security, and performance.

When not working, I’m almost always hanging out with my wife, our daughter, and new son in our beautiful small town in BC Canada.

We enjoy doing all the fun stuff like cooking (I make the best home made pizza), going for hikes, venturing to our favorite spots in nearby towns, and of course watching Netflix and Disney+ on our couch with our pug and cat. With what little time left in my days, I enjoy reading on my Kindle:

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If you want to connect, I’m active on Github. You can follow this blog (via email, on WordPress.com, or with an RSS reader) as I do try to post as much as possible with tidbits of things I find interesting or useful. If you’d like to get in touch, reach me at david@davidsword.