Jess Maternity Photos

Jess and I headed to Kin Beach in Vernon to take some maternity shots this weekend we’d been planning it for months, and they turned out better than we hoped.

It’s been a long hard road. I don’t think I remember anyone ever saying pregnancy was easy, but we didn’t know it would be this hard. I guess for the unlucky like Jess it can be tougher than expected; the morning sickness, the pain, the emotion, and constant discomfort. Sadly Jess has suffered through the entire thing, while still trying to be strong and working full 8 hour days throughout, as well as dealing with everything life threw at her. She’s been amazing, and it’s been a struggle.

I’ve gained a newfound respect for Jess, and for that matter, any woman who’s had to put up with a difficult pregnancy. It’s something us guys will never understand or comprehend.

Jess and I are told that once it’s over, we’ll nearly immediately want another; I find that impossible, but I wouldn’t be surprised either. Until then, 2 weeks and a few days to go. I can’t wait to meet my daughter and finally see Jess not in pain.

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