My old office was tiny (a 10×10 room shared with a deep freeze & storage) so I built a custom desk for it that was long and shallow about 8’ x 20”, and put that on a sit-to-stand frame. Worked for 5 years, but now that I’ve got a bigger space, it’s time to upgrade the desktop.

I’ve got some spare plywood, sandpaper, and white paint – lets see what I can do. 🪚

Just spent the last three hours removing a 4 person hot tub by myself, using a lot’a 2×4’s as levers, furniture dollies, ramps, and makeshift plywood roads over the grass. Freed up a whole bunch of space on our porch.

Our house had a built-in workbench in the basement that looked original (about 50 years old), and as we begin the demolition downstairs for a reno, I am thinking of how I can repurpose these drawers from it. I’m really in need of a tool chest in the garage.

Four weeks ago, I spent a quarter of my weekend fixing a toilet, the wax ring wasn’t sealing right. Three weeks ago, our dishwasher broke and I needed to replace the freshwater hose and water valve solenoid thingamajig. Last weekend, I needed to replace the thermal coupler on our fireplace. This weekend our oven stopped working – and so far it’s nothing easy either like the thermal fuse.. It never ends. 🧰