My old office was tiny (a 10×10 room shared with a deep freeze & storage) so I built a custom desk for it that was long and shallow about 8’ x 20”, and put that on a sit-to-stand frame. Worked for 5 years, but now that I’ve got a bigger space, it’s time to upgrade the desktop.

I’ve got some spare plywood, sandpaper, and white paint – lets see what I can do. 🪚

Just spent the last three hours removing a 4 person hot tub by myself, using a lot’a 2×4’s as levers, furniture dollies, ramps, and makeshift plywood roads over the grass. Freed up a whole bunch of space on our porch.

The Case of the Missing L Hanger

About 6 years ago, I bought a curtain rod, it cost a couple bucks. It came with bracket/hook/hanger things to attach it to the wall. We used this rod for about a year, and then we moved and took it down with us. I never had a need for it, but I held onto it. I didn’t take the time to put the hangers in a baggy and tape it to the rod like I do with most loose parts of things – instead I just carefully kept them in my organizing tray of little parts. For years I kept careful track and inventory of these little hooks. Years.

I had a need for the curtain this week. Guess what I couldn’t find? The fucking left curtain rod hanger.

It’s okay though. This is what I trained for. I have the technology. No way was I going out to spend a couple bucks again. I made my own:

& they fit like a glove! To my surprise they even made a satisfying click sound going in, the perfect friction fit (which never happens, usually I need to prototype like twice).

Having all the hardware, material, and software to do this cost me about $2,000. This is like my tenth useful fix from this stack, so if you think about, these stupid little hangers cost me about $200, plus my time. But I saved a few bucks. 🙃

I uploaded design for hooks on Thingiverse.

Our house had a built-in workbench in the basement that looked original (about 50 years old), and as we begin the demolition downstairs for a reno, I am thinking of how I can repurpose these drawers from it. I’m really in need of a tool chest in the garage.

I had slowly accumulated six Raspberry Pis over the past couple years, each running their own home service (HomeAssistant, Pihole, etc). This proved to be annoying to manage all the hosts, so last month I opted to consolidate the apps onto my mac-mini in Docker. Things have been great since, but now I think I want to trade in my mini for a laptop, which I won’t be able to have always-on like I did the mini. So another migration: I’ve moved back to Raspberry Pi, but this time to just a single rpi4 board running Docker. I wish I did from the start instead of buying more Pis – everything is quick and incredibly easy to manage. 🐳

Four weeks ago, I spent a quarter of my weekend fixing a toilet, the wax ring wasn’t sealing right. Three weeks ago, our dishwasher broke and I needed to replace the freshwater hose and water valve solenoid thingamajig. Last weekend, I needed to replace the thermal coupler on our fireplace. This weekend our oven stopped working – and so far it’s nothing easy either like the thermal fuse.. It never ends. 🧰

I migrated all my Raspberry Pi’s to Docker on my M1 this past month. The ssh’ing, updating, and backing up of six Raspberry Pi’s, with the ‘not if but when’ curruption of SD Cards looming, was too much for me. I appreciated the DOTADIW compartmentalization of the Pi’s, but Docker is just so much easier to manage, modify, fix, backup, jump into relevant logs, and most importantly running on my M1 it is more reliable than SD Cards.

Customizing My iPad Magic Keyboard Case w/ the WordPress Logo

The over priced magic keyboard case is great in nearly every way. It’s a solid protective case, easy to take the iPad off of, always around the iPad for the times I do need to type, great keyboard to dock on.. it’s all the things. Except I find it hard to open. I fumble 9/10 times to open it. Without a cutout groove like the macbook, the hardest part, for me, is knowing which side is up by feel, so I know which side has the weight (as it‘s counter intuitive to and very different than macbooks we’re all used to), for which direction to force.

Pick a side any side *rolls the dice

I know, I know, there’s a giant cut out for the camera to the top iPad side, so that’s the indication thats heavy side, as well the impressions with the Apple logo and bend seams. But that just isn’t enough for me and my brain, for whatever reason.. even after a month of heavy use. Out of frustration, I nearly wrote “iPad” and “keyboard” on the two sides with a white acrylic pen, but opted to just go with a less obvious indicator, a sticker instead.

The stickers I had on hand were from work, WordPress VIP, which is a beautiful graphic that encompasses WordPress well, it’s a great sticker and has meaning close to my heart – however it just wasn’t the right fit, the black was glossy instead of matte, and it didn’t play nice covering the embossed Apple logo:

I thought about ordering developer stickers (you know the style) and putting a bunch on, but just felt weird and inauthentic buying them outright instead of collecting them from conventions and things like that (something, something, COVID). I then thought it’d be cool to use that acryclic pen for just the “W” WordPress logo, but I was fearful as I don’t have steady enough hands for that, even when tracing. So I thought about stencilling, and that’s when I remembered I own a 3d printer, am capable of creating things in CAD and have lots of spray paint!

Gearing up to design the ”W“ logo, I headed to first, just in case someone could save me the time, and wouldn’t you know it. The logo, in the cutout I wanted, was already made perfectly for a two colour coaster:

I took it into Cura, scaled it to the size I wanted for the 11” case adjusting the width and hight and lowering the depth a bit, and started printing the free design with $0.09 of material:

Beautiful logo. I tell ya, this thing looks great on it’s own.
Good size. I should of printed a nub to help peal it off when paint is on it, but I’ll manage w/ a pair of tweezers.

With the stencil printed, I grabbed a can of spray paint and headed outside. I practised the shot many times before on cardboard to ensure I got the distance and angles right.

Then after carefully finding centre, ensuring I had the right side or orientation, second guessing myself, then finding perfectly the centre again, I hit it with a splash of spray paint, and Voila:

I sprayed way too close and pooled the paint. Gahh, life needs a undo button. However, I think I got it looking alright:

It’s a bit blotchy right now, I may end up roughing it up a bit with sand paper. I imagine this well wear well overtime. In retrospect as I see the image of the stencil on the case, I think I should of taken the time to design the inverse of this for that cleaner logo look instead of the silhouette/blast look – but, I’m happy with it.

I now clearly know which side is up, and customized my stuff with the best logo, that means the most to me: WordPress has been at the centre of my life in the centre of my career for well over a dozen years it’s been putting food on my table for me and my family, I’m proud to have this logo on my gear.


Much like a regrettable tattoo, I began to dislike the blast/silhouette look on this more and more each day. It was a bit extreme for me and my modest iPad. I wanted just the logo itself, in a more subtle/clean look. So I found lifes undo button and just sanded it off:

Whatever silicon/plastic/magic material this is made off, it held up well to sanding. Looked no worse off once completed.

I then designed a stencil for just the logo, opening up Shapr3d I cut out the logo and built some scaffolding to hold the floating pieces in place.

I’ve shared this stencil here:

To my surprise, it printed well enough, as I hadn’t done overhangs without supports like this before but it printed just fine:

After centering, masking, and painting (lightly this time, to avoid pooling) I finally got the look I was after:

Much better. No more obnoxious ‘blast’. Admittedly, the lines aren’t as clean as I had hoped for, I may of been able to get it a bit cleaner by pushing down on the stencil while spraying, but I think it still looks good and will wear well.