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Pro tip of the day

If you’re dealing with a lot of rewrites, i.e.: moving servers and domains. Always include a reference to your redirect, at least during development. If you have htaccess rewrites on old and new server, header() redirects on PHP files, and so on, you’ll want to be able to trace your redirects easily.


90% of my problems in life can be fixed with Gorilla Glue or duct tape- this must be the GoodLife.

Print CSS 

print.css : writing code to undo all the code you wrote.


I am constantly impressed by all the services and technology, coding languages and libraries out there. 

I could honestly spend my entire days just finding, trying, and researching all sorts of alternative markups, workflows, APIs, dev environments, frameworks, etc. It’s probably what I would do if I won the lottery.

Now it’s obviously not, but the number of digital nerd neat stuff out there feels infinite: there’s so much out there, so many solutions. I have to fight the urge a lot of the time to not get too carried away in the vast sea of new and interesting things. 

It’s important to keep up to date and familiarize ones self with relevant tech, but also important to master your trade and produce more than you consume. There’s a line- somewhere.

Example: Wanting to try the Mac Docker App out- even though my local LAMP stack is 100% perfectly fine and meets all my needs and expectations perfectly.

Wp hashtags

I’ve always thought WordPress “tags” where unnessisary – there’s already categories. For my site I’ve dubbed the categories up as hashtags, which despite my anti conformity and antisocial network: I like much better.

Netflix complaints

I don’t get why Netflix doesn’t show all of its contents. New titles I learn about on websites are hidden. There should be a monster everything section.

Also, there should be “channel” section, where you add all the TV series you want to watch, and when watching “your channel” after an episode of Series A finishes, it moves to the next episode of Series B, and so on.

Audio Balance

Audio Balance

Every few weeks this balance for audio gets weird. It plays battles on my mind until I realize whats causing the weird sound. If this is the result of a virus aimed at chipping away my sanity, it’s working.


One of the greatest “This is how to use our service” web pages I’ve ever had the privllage of using:


You know your old when

Tried playing a game of Starcraft II for the first time in a year (a game I used to be deeply addicted to). I quit and deleted the game after 15minutes. Too much rush, stress, competitiveness, and consumption.

Video games used to zone me out and were fun and relaxing. Not anymore. Get me a coffee and some video tutorials about node.js, that relaxes me way more.

TV Show Writers

I’m too hard on TV show writers, I knock them all the time for ruining good stories, but think of the creative constraints they must work under: time, money, set designs / locations, scale/size, commercials, needed-cliff hangers, executive, product placement, and so much more. Doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy what they make, but can’t blame just them, must be a tough job.

Consolodating Lists and Notes

Oh that list of tasks with notes – it’s is in Google Drive, wait no, it’s linked to from a Slack upload, wait no, it’s in my Local projects folder. Wait no, the client sent the .pages list via Dropbox and I didn’t add it yet so it’s just a shared link. Wait no, it was an email attachment. Wait no, it was a plain text email. Wait no, They used MegaUpload to share it. Wait no, I think I put it on the thumb drive because we went to that meeting. Wait no, I’m sure of it now. I have a note about it in my personal Notes app. Wait no, it’s in Evernote. Wait no, it’s a Slack Post. Wait no, hold on. I think I wrote where it is on a Sticky in real life, Wait no, it was a virtual sticky in Dashboard. Or was it jotted in a .doc note in my Documents folder? Wait no, was it OneNote? Didn’t we talk about the location of the note over iMessage, or was it Slack, maybe it was on Text. Wait no, I thought I made a calendar event to read the file we’re after, was that calendar event made in my local Calendar app or my Google Calendar.. Wait no, I wrote it on my tangible calendar in the office: okay, it says it’s “on the cloud”? My Google Drive cloud? Microsoft Cloud? my Apple iCloud Drive? Oh, haha, here it is on my desktop.

Wait no, this is the file without the new edits.

That’s a joke I shared with someone when we had no idea where something was.

I wrote before about platform fragmentation – how no one company can dominate because there’s so many systems available, and this again just highlights that theory.

If I don’t pay careful attention to what I’m doing, I fall victim to this, not so extreme, but still frusterating. It’s painful. If I was too offer advise, from someone who’s been on the computer everday for over 10 years: always take the time to organize and consolidate your lists, your content, and things provided to you. If it doesn’t matter one way or the other to someone else you’re collaborating with, push to use your prefered platform instead of having a Dropbox account with only their content because you’re so easy-going.

There’s two methods to find a file or a thing: organization, or searching. You either know where something is and navigate there yourself eaisly, or you throw it somewhere and find it later.

I’ve found, as I’ve gotten older, it’s hard to remember where somthing is, but it’s even harder to remeber a search term that’d retrieve what I’m after, and with so many platforms to search in, you’re kind of screwed. Consolidating things and keeping them organized help both methods, you know where something is, and if you don’t, you at least know it shouldn’t be somewhere too far off. It’s the difference between taking 10 seconds and 10 minutes to find something – which adds up.

Typically I spend an hour a week, just organizing lists, notes, and files. That might sound like a lot, 2.5% of my week, but it’s not enough in my opinion, and the amount of time I save not searching and not getting frusterated is beyond that.

Dev Playground Enviroments

Pro tip of the day: on your server(s) make sure to have a _playground.php or similarily named file in the main directory – quickly jump to the empty space where you can isolate and troubleshoot code snippets outside of your project. It’s a great resource to have and is a great tool to have on the ready when knee deep in a problem and wanting it fixed right away.

Duet Display

Duet Display is an incredible App, I can’t speak more highly of it. I think I’m also it’s perfect target audience:

  • I work primary on my 22″ monitor
  • I refuse to get a permadent full size secondary monitor (too much screen, I’ve tried several times in past and it just felt like I was drowning inside of pixels)
  • Coincidentally, I have a iPad mounted above my monitor, which is always on 8 hours a day, for a Dashboard app I was to monitor servers, Slack, and various meta data
  • I need extra screen realestate several times a week, but I don’t always want it
  • I beleive secondary screens should be truly secondary Apps, Apps that get in the way of normal work flow (iMessage, iTunes, Notes, Calendar), as such they shouldn’t be as bright or as big.

It’s just so fitting. I downloaded the App within minutes, it solved multiple problems I didn’t even know I was having. It was upseting because the solution is so good, I wish I knew about it sooner. Whats better is I didn’t have to set anything up: my iPad was already there, already pluged in for other reasons. Two clicks, and my Dashboard-dedicated-iPad because the very much needed second screen.

Some other great features:

  • The multi-screen support in macOS, has greatly improved since that Cat days of OSX .
  • The iOS dimmer allows the secondary screen to dim so low, it’s hardly there when not looking directly at it – which in my opinion is exactly what a secondary monitor should be
  • It’s 7″ size is perfect for the secondary Apps
  • It’s performance is great. Video’s stream perfectly fine, moving windows isn’t choppy – there’s minor issues with gradients sometimes, but it’s nothing that ruins the experience.

When you tie multi-screen together with Expose’s Saces (multi-desktop), years ago it was trouble; you’d command+tab and things on other screens would change and flicker, full screen video would turn other screen black, it was bad. Now it’s simply incredible, it behaves almost exactly how you’d want it too, without any extra work. It’s even got memory of where you like putting your Apps if you toggle between having two or one monitors. With the addition of split-screen full-screen apps / Spaces, on a secondary monitor, you’ve got yourself some really interesting setups and workflows.

I’ve illustrated my gold setup:


This allows me to do the hard stuff, my main work, all day on my 22″ monitor, with no open-but-not-used apps getting in the way. My duet display monitor holdseverything else, all those Apps I need and want open, but not nessisasry all day, or in my way. They’re just a few double-swipes away at any given time.

Thermostat Degree Stickers

For whatever reason, the genius’s who design my theromostat made the lever arm about 2 inchs away from the numbers they printed on the case. You basically have to use your imagination and hope that you get it where you wanted.

Maybe after a few months you’d start to get a feel for it. But I instead made a print out that I cut out and placed under the arm.

Staying Loyal To Coda 2

Every few years I review the alternative for my Daily apps. It’s fun to explore what the compeition is doing, see how green their grass is.

Tried Sublime and Atom as alteratives to Coda 2, they’re really fun, and their shortcuts are so useful and advanced, I could see it saving lots of mondain tasks – but my heart belongs to Panic. I’m so familiar it’s hard to even get basic work done in these editors (granted I only put about 30min into each). Also Coda 2 having a terminal, database UI, and FTP client built in – to me, and what I do day-to-day – it’s just to good of an enviroment to go to an exclusive-editor, no matter how good it may be.