My menu bar is looking like it’s getting out of hand these days – but each one is pretty useful and works for me. I could hide most of them, or collapse them with a tool like Vanilla, but I have a hard rule with UI/UX and in life to keep things front-and-center, out in the open, on shelves, readily available. This rule helps with my productivity, and prevents things being tucked into drawers to be lost, hidden, andor forgotten.

From left to right:

Well, back on Alfred, I’m quickly back on the everything-you-do-more-than-once-that-takes-more-than-two-clicks-should-be-done-in-Alfred bandwagon. Building up my custom workflows again:

2022 goal: leverage biometic auth and password manages better so I feel like less of my life is spent just entering passwords and 2x auth codes. πŸ”’

My work week is just tunnel vision on family & work, getting through the busy day. Nice to drink coffee this morning and have time to make plans, blog, and do whatever. Gotta love weekends. β˜€οΈβ˜•οΈ

Cant help but admire the irony of popular meditation apps, that aim to reduce stress, costing nearly $20/month. πŸ™ƒ

Started using Alfred again after a year hiatus, currently at ~106/day. I think before I stopped using it I was closer to 200-250. Will be interesting to see this ramp up again over the next few weeks.

Attempting to set up a Reverse Proxy on my home server so different containers can use the same port. I’m “caddy docker reverse proxy without localhost dns” deep in the rabbit hole on this one. πŸ‹

I’m reformatting and setting up my 2013 retina MacBook Pro. Still runs great (ignoring the whole dead battery thing). πŸ’»

Here’s the code I wrote to make WordPress handle Micro Blogging a bit better. I considered making it a plugin on .org, but it’s a bit too opinionated/custom for general use and would probably be a hurtle looking good on most themes. πŸ“