Replacing a window motor on Subaru Forester

Replacing a window motor on Subaru Forester

Lots of posts on this online, about how difficult it is, saying must disassemble entire regulator – I had watched someone do it before, was dreading doing it myself – but turns out, you don’t have to, it’s actually super simple.. Hard to find a good guide how online, so here it is:

Easy job 1 hour tops for a novice/first timer.

  • Take off door panel, pull back plastic/silicone (lots of videos online)
  • Remove speaker
  • Unscrew three screws holding in motor inside of door (#3 phillips)
  • Unscrew two nearest 10mm bolts (red in image), loosen two others (green in image). These bolts hold the assembly to the door, be careful to not fully remove.
  • Wiggle the old motor out, took 5 minutes of maneuvering, may need to pry assembly outwards a bit
  • Place new motor in, screw in the 3 #3 philips on the motor, tighten and put back the 10mm bolts.

It’s that easy. I’m unsure if this applies to all second generation foresters, but I’ll put the years down for searching just incase it is: 2003, 2004, 2006, 2006, 2007, and 2008.


  1. Thanks mate, I can confirm that the procedure is exactly the same for the 2nd generation Forester. I just did mine on the driver’s side (right side in Australia) and although the screws are in a different location, the procedure is the same. I could physically remove the three 10mm bolts, because there is one more bolt left that needs to be loosened without being removed, otherwise the motor will not slot into place due to it’s gear axle sticking out. Mine is a 2007 with less than 70k kilometers on it. If performing a window motor replacement on a vehicle that’s older or has a higher mileage (more wear on the window regulator), I would probably consider bracing the window assembly (regulator and window) before removing the motor..

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