🧩 Problems are fun to solve. I’m a natural problem solver – speaking technically of course, social matters I’m clueless – and the funniest problems are the ones where when you’re troubleshooting, you think you’ve solved it, but after blood, sweat, and endless tears you discover there’s actually more than one issue causing the problem. Solving any of these issues independently doesn’t fix the problem, only solving them together.

This happens far too often while developing – and I had my first mechanical one this week. This is my new truck, Pearl.


Pearl’s 22, and her rear breaks gave out – problem originally diagnosed as a snapped break line.

After jacking her up, and lining the entire front-to-rear with new break line, repairing the rear break drums and secondary cylinders, replacing the seals, and throwing in a new left rear axil for the heck of it – the breaks still didn’t work.

Taking a step back, looking at the variables and researching online, finding the the ABS controller (which the line flows through), clog and basically shit the bed after so many years.

After working another few hours to find, pickup, and install a new ABS controller. The breaks still didn’t work. New break line, new ABS controller – what’s was left.

Turns out the plastic T in the rear was also clogged and complete garbage. Quick trip to local Lordco and a few stubborn bolts –


Victory. Sweet victory.

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