Unable to Connect Mac to Apple TV – Telus

I had a painful issue trying to connect my Retina Mac to my AppleTV through my landlords Telus Actiontec V1000H modem/router.

For days, I tried an assortment of things to make the connection happen, including buying a Apple Airport Express- ambitiously hoping it could capture the single and distribute it in my place as a secondary router.

I found many people with the same issue with the same Telus router, most blaming it on the router not allowing the bonjour protocol, or an issue with using ethernet jacks instead of cable jacks, and more – but as luck would have it, it’s embarrassing how simple the solution was.

Consider this a public service:

Reset your Actiontech router/modem.

That’s it folks! That’s all it took! During all my finicking to try to connect my devices and hours of research, I was unable to actually go near or access the router. But after a internet stall forcing the landlord to reset the router – my mac suddenly had the (so desperately desired) AirPlay icon in my menu bar! Just like that!

I know this is a very simple solution, but having used four other networks with AppleTV I know from experience I never had to reset the router/modem, Steve Jobs, “It just works” really held true.

You don’t know how good you have something until it’s gone. These last two months without AirPlay has been an annoyance to say the least.

This is truly a amateur hour moment.

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