TinyPNG & TinyJPG in Command Line »

tinypng-cli is an amazing tool to compress an image, or a directory of images with a single command. It’s beautiful for fixing the few images that a normal compressors miss or don’t do a good job on, or the images that slip between the cracks. A big part of my day is ensuring all my sites […]

Prevent iCloud from Syncing /node_modules/ Folder »

Update: This was too hard to maintain, and things “got weird” sometimes. I’ve moved to Dropbox instead, very happy. I have my localhost server on iCloud. Cloud syncing, in my opinion, is the most reliable way to ensure what you’re working on is backedup to the second. However, 18,000+ file folders like /node_modules/ is just […]

SVN Not Working After High Sierra 10.13 Upgrade »

Panic Coda 2's Source Control was blank, and Terminal > svn status returned xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun Via StackExchange Open Terminal, and run the following: xcode-select –install Fixed terminal and made the SVC panel of Coda 2 work again after quitting and relaunching the app.

Setting up localhost Apache/PHP on iCloud Drive »

Update: I now use vvv on Dropbox instead, it’s a much simpler setup, more time building, less time with system admin work. Prerequisite: you have a normal localhost LAMP setup, and your localhost/~username/ host serves the contents of ~/Sites/. If you don’t here’s the best step-by-step to get it running. Alright, lets go: iCloud drive […]

Server Stats on Desktop »

Server Stats on Desktop

Knowing how my server is preforming at all times kind of an hobby with mine. I know I can subscribe to some tools and services that display this info in beautiful graphics and charts, but I like simple things, and I like using default stuff. Years ago I wrote about a similar script to this, that used this […]

Fix for Finder »

It may have to do with having Duet installed, but macOS Sierra’s Finder, Expose, and Dock – along with custom mac OS keyboard shortcuts, have been failing a bit more regularily than I’m willing to tolerate. The fix is simple enough, just restarting them, but I have to dig through my notes or Google and find the […]

Simple RSA Passwordless SSH Into Unix Server via OSX »

Passwordless SSH is something I use daily, but it was one of those tasks I never invested time into understanding. A one-off task: follow tutorials and forget. However, it seems every few years something changes and I have to redo my RSA keys on my Mac andor my servers. This year, after an upgrade to Mac OS X Sierra, marks the […]

Quickly Toggle Hidden Files Mac OS X »

Working with hidden files often in OS X? but not often enough to keep them on all the time? Me too. Here’s a little edit to your bash profile to quickly toggle the visibility of hidden files with one word in terminal. Press i to insert, use down key to reach the bottom, and add […]