Sun Virtual Box on OSX Mavericks – Windows XP No Internet

I spent way too long trying to solve this issue, and I found hundreds of similar problems on forums.

Upgrading from 10.8 to 10.9, OSX Mavericks changes some the Adaptor Type of your Network settings.

Being impatient I tried changing the “Attached to” and “Name” again and again. But the solution was to just change the Adaptor Type.

Here’s what my current Retina Macbook Pro (Late 2013) is using:

  • Adaptor 1
  • Attached To: Bridged Adaptor
  • Name: en0: Wi-Fi (Airport)
  • Adaptor Type: Intel PRO/1000 T Server (…)
  • [x] Cable Connected

The “Adaptor Type” wasn’t the first in the drop down, so be patient and try a few. If your network in Windows isn’t set-up, the trick is to look in the bottom right of the Virtual Box Window, look for the network icon to have a blinking dot overtop. If you’re still having issues, checking-and-unchecking “Connect Network Adaptor”, it may be a silly simple solution but hey, it’s free software.

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