Problems With Homebrew Apache After macOS 10.13 Update

I get the meaning of this app – I just spent about 2 hours troubleshooting my local server setup after macOS 10.13 High Sierra update. Despite the annoyance, I do like having a local Apache to test, break, & fix – so I wont be replacing my local server with an app – but I do get the point of it, and I like that they’ve solved that need.

Turns out after High Sierra update, my macOS built in Apache Server resurrected itself, appearing instead of my local Homebrew Apache server – and while trying to fix things, I created a bigger mess and got tangled in troubleshooting.

  • My LaunchDaemons where all messed up
    • determining wether it was macOS Apache or Homebrew Apache was a difficult annoyance
  • Homebrew moved/changed apache2 into httpd and put it in core as a new 2.4.x version of Apache
    • Making my once working httpd.conf in the familiar /usr/local/etc/apache2/2.4/ useless.
    • They now house it in /usr/local/etc/httpd/
  • The new httpd.conf was (of course) default and empty, causing
    • php not to work
    • port 80 was server not found, while 8080 was working
    • sphp wasn’t setup or working
      • Export PATH in .bash_profile was wrong due to improper troubleshooting

Finding individual solutions to these problems was what wasted my time. All fixes for all problems came from a single tutorial, these fine people who baby step through getting Homebrew Apache+PHP+SPHP operational. Bookmarked indefinitely.

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