Compile LESS with Coda »

Coda 2 doesn’t compile Less natively – as nice as it would be. There’s a plugin that does it, however at time of writing this, it doesn’t work for me (El Capitan PB2 / 2.5.11) and crashes the app. When you’re working with shared hosting, where it’s nearly impossible to do anything to the server, … continue reading »

WordPress Troubleshooting 101 »

I’m a semi-regular contributor on WordPress Support Forums. & as you develop and assist more, you realize that theres a basic troubleshooting routine to solve almost all vague/inexplicable problems – you typically do the same things. These problems include; /wp-admin/ not loading Unable to drag and drop in dashboard White screen instead of site Unable … continue reading »

Import Bigger .SQL file with PHP or Terminal »

Sometimes you can’t get your hands on phpMyAdmin or similar, here’s a simple script to import a .sql file with php where filename.sql is the src to your .sql file. If you’ve got shell access to mysql, you can upload the .sql to your server and simply run: mysql> use db_name; mysql> source /var/dir/file.sql;

date_default_timezone_set() Not Working »

This is a silly amateur hour error that I’m positive lots of people miss. datedefaulttimezone_set() needs to be called within functions, it isn’t a global function. The script below will demonstrate the how datedefaulttimezone_set() affects date() (and time()). Will output: // Eastern // Server‘s Time // Central // Eastern