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Jetpack Error xml_rpc-32700 (on WordPress Network)

This is a tricky problem that is very misleading as the Jetpack error shown does explain the problem, but doesn’t explain that the actual problem may be hidden.

I believe the problem is dependent on your server error display settings, outside of WordPress’s control, which is why I only found about a dozen people just as stumped as I was.

The following Jetpack error occurs while trying to connect your blog to

Your Jetpack has a glitch.

Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen.

Guess you’re just lucky: xml_rpc-32700

Try connecting again.

Error Details: The Jetpack server could not communicate

with your sites XML-RPC URL. Please check to make sure is working properly.

It should show “XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

on a line by itself when viewed in a browser and should

not have any blank links or extra output anywhere.

If you visit, you’re immediately scratching your head – as just like me, you do see the expected XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only. With no white space or php errors.

So what’s the issue then?

WordPress turns off errors on XMLRPCREQUEST via line 278 of /wp-includes/load.php meaning what Jetpack is trying to show you, will not show because of WordPress (or your server settings may also be responsible: you may have a php.ini or iniset to display_errors 0 error settings that are out of reach WordPress/Jetpack debug efforts).

To, to solve this issue, in short:

Make sure your WordPress install/admin has NO ERRORS. None, whatsoever.

My errors were a result of the Domain Mapping plugin – it’s a few years old and had some depreciated functions. I turned on debug via wp-config.php, visited my WordPress Dashboard, saw the errors and fixed them. These errors would not show in, but they did show in my blogs WordPress Dashboard.

Sun Virtual Box on OSX Mavericks – Windows XP No Internet

I spent way too long trying to solve this issue, and I found hundreds of similar problems on forums.

Upgrading from 10.8 to 10.9, OSX Mavericks changes some the Adaptor Type of your Network settings.

Being impatient I tried changing the “Attached to” and “Name” again and again. But the solution was to just change the Adaptor Type.

Here’s what my current Retina Macbook Pro (Late 2013) is using:

  • Adaptor 1
  • Attached To: Bridged Adaptor
  • Name: en0: Wi-Fi (Airport)
  • Adaptor Type: Intel PRO/1000 T Server (…)
  • [x] Cable Connected

The “Adaptor Type” wasn’t the first in the drop down, so be patient and try a few. If your network in Windows isn’t set-up, the trick is to look in the bottom right of the Virtual Box Window, look for the network icon to have a blinking dot overtop. If you’re still having issues, checking-and-unchecking “Connect Network Adaptor”, it may be a silly simple solution but hey, it’s free software.

Clean Revisions

Database getting a little fat? Burn that extra lagging fat instantly by clearing out old revisions via MySQL

If you don’t have access to phpMyAdmin or can’t get into ssh mysql, throw it in your functions.php file

If you want to disable revisions altogether, add the following to wp-config.php

Mac OSX Apache .htaccess 403 Forbidden or 404 Errors

If you’re receiving these unexpected errors from a .htaccess file in your ~/Sites/ folder in 10.8.x edit your user config with:

Where handsomefox is replaced with your username, then reset apache:

Your htaccess shouldn’t return forbidden or 404 not found errors.

Unable to Connect Mac to Apple TV – Telus

I had a painful issue trying to connect my Retina Mac to my AppleTV through my landlords Telus Actiontec V1000H modem/router.

For days, I tried an assortment of things to make the connection happen, including buying a Apple Airport Express- ambitiously hoping it could capture the single and distribute it in my place as a secondary router.

I found many people with the same issue with the same Telus router, most blaming it on the router not allowing the bonjour protocol, or an issue with using ethernet jacks instead of cable jacks, and more – but as luck would have it, it’s embarrassing how simple the solution was.

Consider this a public service:

Reset your Actiontech router/modem.

That’s it folks! That’s all it took! During all my finicking to try to connect my devices and hours of research, I was unable to actually go near or access the router. But after a internet stall forcing the landlord to reset the router – my mac suddenly had the (so desperately desired) AirPlay icon in my menu bar! Just like that!

I know this is a very simple solution, but having used four other networks with AppleTV I know from experience I never had to reset the router/modem, Steve Jobs, “It just works” really held true.

You don’t know how good you have something until it’s gone. These last two months without AirPlay has been an annoyance to say the least.

This is truly a amateur hour moment.

Timely All In One Calendar Upgrade Permission Errors

Trying to upgrade All-in-One Event Calendar, I’d continually get a

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

error after the theme installation. The problem has nothing to do with permissions – it has to do with the /wp-content/themes-ai1ec/ folder likely being empty.

If it is empty, copy the four sub folders from




& everything will load as expected. I think this issue caused by servers that have php setting which do not allow php to modify files in the /wp-content/ directory.