Object Buffering Not Working Flush »

One of my servers handled object buffering fine, the other wouldn’t partake. After hours of searching, and changing php settings, deep in a thread I found a solution for stubborn servers. If the following simple script doesn’t work out the gate: Try this instead, from a gentleman named Roger in Stackoverflow : A nasty work … continue reading »

Compile LESS with Coda »

Coda 2 doesn’t compile Less natively – as nice as it would be. There’s a plugin that does it, however at time of writing this, it doesn’t work for me (El Capitan PB2 / 2.5.11) and crashes the app. When you’re working with shared hosting, where it’s nearly impossible to do anything to the server, … continue reading »

WordPress Troubleshooting 101 »

I’m a semi-regular contributor on WordPress Support Forums. & as you develop and assist more, you realize that theres a basic troubleshooting routine to solve almost all vague/inexplicable problems – you typically do the same things. These problems include; /wp-admin/ not loading Unable to drag and drop in dashboard White screen instead of site Unable … continue reading »

Much More Modern & Micro Mobile Menu »

Watch carefully – at department stores, restaurants, arenas, on the bus – you’ll notice something. Something alarming. Every single freaking person is on a smart phone. Yes, everyone. Jess got a text from her Grandma yesterday. Her Grandma! If your website isn’t responsive, easy, and quick to use on a mobile phone that all of … continue reading »