mysqldump to Local: Error 2049 Auth Protocol Refused

Firstly make sure (seriously, double check this), that your current IP has access to your (gs) database via Account Centre > Manage Databases > Configure External Database Access

If not, you’ll receive:

Moving on.

To get a local .sql copy of the database, when dumping with:

This nagging thing called secure_auth may stop your export.

That error vaguely explains it, but basically (for us older users) an update on MediaTemple side of things means that passwords before the updated mentioned won’t work as their authentication system has changed. Annoying that their knowledge base article (as of time of writing this) doesn’t mention anything. You canโ€™t bypass this new authentication with skip-secure-auth as it’s for mysql, not mysqldump.

So, to fix this, you’ll need to just create a new user for the database and connect with that. Note for mysqldump you’ll need read and write privileges on the user.

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