Kindle Currently Reading on Panic Status Board or Website

Kindle Currently Reading on Panic Status Board or Website

Here‘s a neat little widget that’ll fetch your currently-reading and read books from your Goodreads shelf, and show them as a widget for either Panic Status Board (DIY Panel), or your website. Code is inspired and built upon from a great little 2013 script from

First, some styling:

Setup, query and cache:

Read and output:

You’ll need to create empty file goodreads.cache manually, in the dir of the script.

I’m not entirely sure what happens when there’s more than 1 currently-reading. I never bothered checking.

$image_fix is nasty, I don’t understand why the Goodreads user API would not return a cover when the cover is present on the Goodreads site itself. I had to do a fix for one of my books, manually tracking down the cover’s URL on

<!–?= (98/147)*54 ?–> is my ..interesting.. way of doing proportional scaling on the fly. Old width/height values kept prior to overwrites for reference; makes sizing your widgets books covers to much easier.

filter: grayscale(100%); Keepin’ it real with Kindle, grayscale the covers.

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